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History bore witness to one of the greatest humans to have lived on Earth, and today, his name and legacy continues to reverberate worldwide. Who is Ali (AS)?

Learn about the man who is so magnanimous that the Holy Kaaba, the centre of worship for humans and celestial beings alike, split open to make way for his birth into this world. He was so powerful that he lifted the door of Khyber with his bare hands, a door so heavy that it could only be lifted with the strength of forty men.

And yet this same man was so humble that he would break dry bread for dinner and give with endless generosity to the poor and needy of his city during the stealth of the night so that his charitable acts would not be witnessed by others. He displayed immense strength in war, but his true strength came from control over his nafs, the ego. He is revered for his impeccable speech, his gentle demeanour, his love for his family and fellow humans, and his awe-inspiring knowledge and wisdom, having been taught by the Holy Prophet (SAW) and endowed by Allah (SWT). Islamic mystics uphold him as a spiritual master, the Sunnis recognize him as one of the four Rightly Guided Caliphs, and Shias celebrate his successorship to the Holy Prophet (SAW) as the first of 12 Princes. Even outside of the Muslim world, his adherence to timeless principles of justice and morality as governor has been recognized as an example for us today by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

You will find the lovers of Ali (AS) on all four corners of the Earth. Now, you can witness and interact with a visual rendition of his life in Europe’s largest exhibition dedicated to learning and displaying the gems from the legacy of Imam Ali (AS). One year of planning, 6 months of construction across 2,600 square metres, and over 250 workers came together to bring you 95 captivating stations to resurrect the spirit of Imam Ali (AS) – a wondrous experience for the mind and heart.