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Special Guided Kids Tour

A fun, educational and engaging tour of the prince of believers exhibition tailored for our children.

Entry Fee: £5/child
(includes, snacks, refreshments and gift)
Age: 7 to 15 years of age

Day: Sunday 12th December 2021
Time: 11.30am-2:00pm
Address: Al Balaghiya, 403-405 Edgware Road,
London NW2 6LN

Covid restrictions apply

A group of dedicated organisations have come together to create a unique experience for our children. The event will entail:

  • Congregational prayers
  • Short talk by Sayed Ali Khalkhali
  • Anasheed by Mulla Ali Fadhil.
  • Grouped Tours*

The children will be divided into groups according to age and gender with dedicated volunteers at each station to explain in detail what the site entails and answer any questions our young guests may have.

Dont miss this “once in a lifetime opportunity” and sign your kids up now!