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Zahra Trust


The Zahra Trust was founded in 2009 and is a charitable organisation working across the globe fighting to eradicate poverty, social injustice, and the effects of conflict and natural disaster. Through the provision of immediate relief and the establishment of sustainable development programmes, we aim to develop effective and impactful solutions.

The Zahra Trust believes that by establishing stable healthcare, education, water, and livelihood programmes paves the way for empowered, self-serving communities.

By serving people at time of crisis through the provision of emergency aid such as food, water, shelter, and non-food items, we can save and sustain lives at the most critical phases. As such, we value the importance of a multidimensional aid approach and dedicate our time between emergency relief and long-term development

2020 – 2021 Our Results

461,172 People

The equivalent of 1,980,000 Meals provided through Food Aid

63,000 Kg of
Poultry and Meat

200 Wells

5 Ultrafiltration Units
sent to Yemen.

5,410 Orphans and Widows Supported

1,530 people served through shelter projects.

20,000 medical treatments, items and screening provided.